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Through the company’s history, the personal computer revolution has been ignited since 1970s-1980s by Apple and its unique products. A majority of users including students, professionals, educators etc are experiencing the best achievements of personal computer industry through Apple’s innovative ideas of hardware, software and Internet offerings. There is no doubt that Apple Computer Inc. takes responsibility for the rocketed growth of personal computer industry. In 1984, the introduction of the Macintosh line of personal computers helped defining Apple as an innovator in industrial design whose products became renowned due to their intuitive easy use (International Directory of Company History 2001). During the 1990s, Apple underwent a crisis by bad-decision-making processes; however, after that, it continues to exude the enviable characteristics which help bringing back the fame in 1980s, but this time, 21st century. Apple can be viewed as one of the best product development companies in the world (Cusumano 2008, p.22).

 From a small company in Silicon Valley, Apple has expanded its selling system with online stores, retail stores, direct sale forces, resellers, and value-added sellers worldwide. Beside the fact that they are possessing many secret advancing technologies which help them dominate in this area, there is no doubt that CEO Steven Job has brought this company to its greatest height in recent years (AAPL, 2010). Apple researches, designs, manufacture personal computers, software, peripherals and other high-tech devices such as iPhone, iPod and iPad. 

The concentration is on lower-cost, uniquely designs and specific features that put the world in fever. After being released, Iphone4 and Ipad have closed another successful financial year. However, as an innovative, we know that Apple cannot sleep on its victory. To continue the dominant position in high-tech industry, whole company is focusing and preparing to, again, redefine what a smart phone is with a “hit” phone. Through the product making process, Apple soon recognizes that the future computer will be a combination between a phone and a personal computer. Apple names this new phone iPV. The new phone is the combination of iphone4 with most of technological toys. IPV can work as a projector, what showing on the screen of the phone can be projected on any surface with high power and definition. More surprisingly, iPV can create a virtual keyboard with laser sensor technology, so users can type on that laser keyboard instead of ticking and touching on the screen as iPhone. Furthermore, camera, iPod, recorder, super-speed internet are now all synthesized in a small phone. Additionally, there will be more astounding application software compacted in iPV such as voice recognition; translator etc installed and guarantee the perfection of iPV. Clearly, Apple’s ambition is to turn all other smart phones into history and leave them far away behind, even their glorious iPhone4.

Source: Graduate way